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Robert Reichel

Born on: June 25, 1971

Birth place: Litvinov, Czech Republic

Forward, shoots left

5 ' 10" | 181 lb

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Championships & Medals

AgeTeamEventTournament Location / Series Result
Bronze17Team CzechoslovakiaIIHF U20 World Championship 1989Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Bronze18Team CzechoslovakiaIIHF U20 World Championship 1990Several cities in Finland
Bronze18Team CzechoslovakiaIIHF World Championship 1990Bern and Fribourg, Switzerland
Bronze20Team CzechoslovakiaIIHF World Championship 1992Prague and Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
Gold24Team Czech RepublicIIHF World Championship 1996Vienna, Austria
Bronze25Team Czech RepublicIIHF World Championship 1997Helsinki, Tampere and Turku, Finland
Gold26Team Czech RepublicOlympics - Nagano 1998Nagano, Japan
Bronze26Team Czech RepublicIIHF World Championship 1998Basel, Klagenfurt and Zürich, Switzerland
Gold28Team Czech RepublicIIHF World Championship 2000Saint Petersburg, Russia
Gold29Team Czech RepublicIIHF World Championship 2001Nuremberg, Cologne and Hanover, Germany
IIHF U20 World Championship MedalsBronzeBronze
IIHF World Championship MedalsGoldGoldGoldBronzeBronzeBronzeBronze
Olympic MedalsGold

Regular Season

191990‑91Calgary FlamesNHL66192241221730314.5
201991‑92Calgary FlamesNHL7720345432180311.0
211992‑93Calgary FlamesNHL804048885425120516.8
221993‑94Calgary FlamesNHL844053935820140616.1
231994‑95Calgary FlamesNHL4818173528-250211.3
251996‑97Calgary FlamesNHL7016274322-26038.8
251996‑97New York IslandersNHL12514194701015.2
261997‑98New York IslandersNHL8225406532-1180212.4
271998‑99New York IslandersNHL7019375650-1551110.2
271998‑99Phoenix CoyotesNHL1376134230314.0
302001‑02Toronto Maple LeafsNHL7820315126710313.2
312002‑03Toronto Maple LeafsNHL8112304226711110.8
322003‑04Toronto Maple LeafsNHL6911193030220211.0
NHL Totals830252378630388586833412.8
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Playoff Stats

191990‑91Calgary FlamesNHL6112001006.7
211992‑93Calgary FlamesNHL62462-620011.1
221993‑94Calgary FlamesNHL7055030000.0
231994‑95Calgary FlamesNHL72464100110.0
271998‑99Phoenix CoyotesNHL71342-20006.3
302001‑02Toronto Maple LeafsNHL180334-60000.0
312002‑03Toronto Maple LeafsNHL72130-400012.5
322003‑04Toronto Maple LeafsNHL12022840000.0
NHL Totals708233120-103015.4

National Team Stats - Major Tournaments

16Team Czechoslovakia - IIHF U20 World Championship 1988738112
17Team Czechoslovakia - IIHF U20 World Championship 198974484
18Team Czechoslovakia - IIHF U20 World Championship 199071110214
18Team Czechoslovakia - IIHF World Championship 199010561144
19Team Czechoslovakia - IIHF World Championship 19918246100
20Team Czechoslovakia - Canada Cup 199151236-100014.3
20Team Czechoslovakia - IIHF World Championship 1992813423
24Team Czech Republic - IIHF World Championship 1996844808
25Team Czech Republic - World Cup 199631010-100033.3
25Team Czech Republic - IIHF World Championship 199791454-2
26Team Czech Republic - Olympics ‑ Nagano 1998630305100
26Team Czech Republic - IIHF World Championship 19988044010.0
28Team Czech Republic - IIHF World Championship 20009235430019.1
29Team Czech Republic - IIHF World Championship 20019571241110116.1
30Team Czech Republic - Olympics ‑ Salt Lake City 200241012-21006.3
31Team Czech Republic - IIHF World Championship 200384482420015.4
33Team Czech Republic - World Cup 200440002-30000.0
WHC Totals772439633032302
WJC-U20 Totals2118224010
Olympics Totals1040423200
World Cup Totals71012-400014.3
Canada Cup Totals51236-100014.3