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Topi Jaakola

Born on: November 15, 1983

Birth place: Oulu, Finland

Defenseman, shoots left

6 ' 1" | 192 lb

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Regular Season

172000‑01Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga40002-20000.0
182001‑02Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga440441830000.0
192002‑03Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga522241830002.6
202003‑04Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga5204412100000.0
212004‑05Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga331346121001.7
222005‑06Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga551782870000.7
232006‑07Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga562683651021.8
242007‑08Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga553111446182001.7
252008‑09Södertälje SKElitserien510111122-150000.0
262009‑10Södertälje SKElitserien300448-30000.0
272010‑11Luleå HFElitserien552571400004.4
282011‑12Luleå HFElitserien542131518140012.5
292012‑13Amur KhabarovskKHL27551016-1410010.0
302013‑14Lev PrahaKHL489413161910211.3
312014‑15Jokerit HelsinkiKHL283581251018.1
SM-Liiga Totals35193746166564021.3
Elitserien Totals1904333762-40011.6
KHL Totals103171431441030310.2
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Playoff Stats

172000‑01Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga40000-30000.0
182001‑02Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga40004-30000.0
192002‑03Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga15000820000.0
202003‑04Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga14011600000.0
222005‑06Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga110002-30000.0
232006‑07Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga10033810000.0
242007‑08Kärpät OuluSM-Liiga144591003029.3
272010‑11Luleå HFElitserien130552110000.0
282011‑12Luleå HFElitserien5011010000.0
302013‑14Lev PrahaKHL110114-50000.0
SM-Liiga Totals72491338-63023.1
Elitserien Totals180662120000.0
KHL Totals110114-50000.0

National Team Stats - Major Tournaments

18Team Finland - IIHF U20 World Championship 200260002-10000.0
19Team Finland - IIHF U20 World Championship 200371124000016.7
25Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 20097000400000.0
26Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 201070114-10000.0
27Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 20119011610000.0
28Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 201210000210000.0
WHC Totals330221610000.0
WJC-U20 Totals131126-100010.0

National and Regional Team Stats - Miscalleneous Tournaments

25Team Finland - EHT ‑ Channel One Cup 20083000000000.0
25Team Finland - EHT ‑ LG Hockey Games 200930000-20000.0
25Team Finland - EHT ‑ Czech Hockey Games 200930006-10000.0
26Team Finland - EHT ‑ LG Hockey Games 201030000-30000.0
26Team Finland - EHT ‑ Karjala Tournament 20103000630000.0
27Team Finland - EHT ‑ Channel One Cup 201030000-30000.0
27Team Finland - Euro Hockey Challenge 201120000-10000.0
27Team Finland - EHT ‑ Czech Hockey Games 20113000400000.0
27Team Finland - EHT ‑ Karjala Tournament 20113000000000.0
28Team Finland - EHT ‑ Oddset Hockey Games 20123000200000.0
28Team Finland - EHT ‑ Kajotbet Hockey Games 20122011020000.0
29Team Finland - EHT ‑ Karjala Tournament 20133011020000.0
30Team Finland - EHT ‑ Channel One Cup 20133000230000.0
EHT Totals350222010000.0