Sid Abel

Born on:

Birth place: Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada


5 ' 11" | 170 lb

Championships & Medals

AgeTeamEventTournament Location / Series Result
Championship25Detroit Red WingsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1943Detroit Red Wings defeated Boston Bruins 4‑0 in a best of seven series.
Championship32Detroit Red WingsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1950Detroit Red Wings defeated New York Rangers 4‑3 in a best of seven series.
Championship34Detroit Red WingsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1952Detroit Red Wings defeated Montreal Canadiens 4‑0 in a best of seven series.
NHL Stanley Cup ChampionshipsChampionshipChampionshipChampionship

Regular Season

201938‑39Detroit Red WingsNHL151120
211939‑40Detroit Red WingsNHL241564
221940‑41Detroit Red WingsNHL4711223329
231941‑42Detroit Red WingsNHL4818314945
241942‑43Detroit Red WingsNHL4918244233
271945‑46Detroit Red WingsNHL70220
281946‑47Detroit Red WingsNHL6019294829
291947‑48Detroit Red WingsNHL6014304469
301948‑49Detroit Red WingsNHL6028265449
311949‑50Detroit Red WingsNHL6934356946
321950‑51Detroit Red WingsNHL6923386130
331951‑52Detroit Red WingsNHL6217365332
341952‑53Chicago Black HawksNHL395496
351953‑54Chicago Black HawksNHL30004
NHL Totals612189283472376
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Playoff Stats

201938‑39Detroit Red WingsNHL61122
211939‑40Detroit Red WingsNHL503321
221940‑41Detroit Red WingsNHL92242
231941‑42Detroit Red WingsNHL124268
241942‑43Detroit Red WingsNHL1058134
271945‑46Detroit Red WingsNHL30000
281946‑47Detroit Red WingsNHL31122
291947‑48Detroit Red WingsNHL1003316
301948‑49Detroit Red WingsNHL113366
311949‑50Detroit Red WingsNHL146286
321950‑51Detroit Red WingsNHL64370
331951‑52Detroit Red WingsNHL722412
341952‑53Chicago Black HawksNHL10000
NHL Totals9728305879

All-Star Game Appearences

311949NHL All-StarsNHL100000
321950Detroit Red WingsNHL10112000
331951Second All-Star TeamNHL10000000
NHL All-Star Game Totals30112000