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Tony Twist

Born on: May 9, 1968

Birth place: Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada


6 ' 1" | 220 lb

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Regular Season

211989‑90St. Louis BluesNHL28000124-20000.0
221990‑91Quebec NordiquesNHL24000104-40000.0
231991‑92Quebec NordiquesNHL44011164-30000.0
241992‑93Quebec NordiquesNHL340226400000.0
251993‑94Quebec NordiquesNHL49044101-10000.0
261994‑95St. Louis BluesNHL2830389000137.5
271995‑96St. Louis BluesNHL51325100-100125.0
281996‑97St. Louis BluesNHL64123121-80004.8
291997‑98St. Louis BluesNHL60112105-40005.9
301998‑99St. Louis BluesNHL6326814900008.7
NHL Totals4451018281121-230028.1
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Playoff Stats

261994‑95St. Louis BluesNHL1000600000.0
271995‑96St. Louis BluesNHL10112160000100.0
281996‑97St. Louis BluesNHL6000000000.0
301998‑99St. Louis BluesNHL10000-10000.0
NHL Totals1811222-100050.0