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Warren Rychel

Born on: May 12, 1967

Birth place: Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada


6 ' 0" | 205 lb

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Championships & Medals

AgeTeamEventTournament Location / Series Result
Championship29Colorado AvalancheNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1996Colorado Avalanche defeated Florida Panthers 4‑0 in a best of seven series.
NHL Stanley Cup ChampionshipsChampionship

Regular Season

211988‑89Chicago BlackhawksNHL200017-10000.0
251992‑93Los Angeles KingsNHL706713314-150019.0
261993‑94Los Angeles KingsNHL8010919322-190039.5
271994‑95Los Angeles KingsNHL700019-50000.0
271994‑95Toronto Maple LeafsNHL2616710110002.9
281995‑96Colorado AvalancheNHL52628147600113.3
291996‑97Mighty Ducks of AnaheimNHL7010717218611116.9
301997‑98Mighty Ducks of AnaheimNHL635611198-101008.1
301997‑98Colorado AvalancheNHL800023-10000.0
311998‑99Colorado AvalancheNHL280226330000.0
NHL Totals4063839771422-352169.5
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Playoff Stats

231990‑91Chicago BlackhawksNHL31342110114.3
251992‑93Los Angeles KingsNHL23671339400222.2
271994‑95Toronto Maple LeafsNHL30000-20000.0
281995‑96Colorado AvalancheNHL1210123400025.0
291996‑97Mighty Ducks of AnaheimNHL1102219-20000.0
301997‑98Colorado AvalancheNHL600024-20000.0
311998‑99Colorado AvalancheNHL1201114-10000.0
NHL Totals7081321121210312.1