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Jan Ludvig

Born on: September 17, 1961

Birth place: Liberec, Czech Republic


5 ' 10" | 190 lb

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Regular Season

211982‑83New Jersey DevilsNHL517101730-272006.8
221983‑84New Jersey DevilsNHL7422325470-1870212.5
231984‑85New Jersey DevilsNHL7412193153-193019.0
241985‑86New Jersey DevilsNHL42591463-160006.9
251986‑87New Jersey DevilsNHL47791698-510012.5
261987‑88Buffalo SabresNHL131676510007.7
271988‑89Buffalo SabresNHL1302239-10000.0
NHL Totals3145487141418-8513039.6
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