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Håkan Loob

Born on: July 3, 1960

Birth place: Visby, Sweden

Forward, shoots right

5 ' 9" | 170 lb

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Championships & Medals

AgeTeamEventTournament Location / Series Result
Bronze18Team SwedenIIHF U20 World Championship 1979Karlstad and Karlskogen, Sweden
Bronze19Team SwedenIIHF U20 World Championship 1980Helsinki, Finland
Gold26Team SwedenIIHF World Championship 1987Vienna, Austria
Championship28Calgary FlamesNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1989Calgary Flames defeated Montreal Canadiens 4‑2 in a best of seven series.
Silver29Team SwedenIIHF World Championship 1990Bern and Fribourg, Switzerland
Gold30Team SwedenIIHF World Championship 1991Turku, Helsinki and Tampere, Finland
Gold33Team SwedenOlympics - Lillehammer 1994Lillehammer, Norway
IIHF U20 World Championship MedalsBronzeBronze
IIHF World Championship MedalsGoldGoldSilver
Olympic MedalsGold
NHL Stanley Cup ChampionshipsChampionship

Regular Season

191979‑80Färjestads BKElitserien361541920
201980‑81Färjestads BKElitserien362362916
211981‑82Färjestads BKElitserien3626154128
221982‑83Färjestads BKElitserien3642347626
231983‑84Calgary FlamesNHL77302555221130216.9
241984‑85Calgary FlamesNHL78373572141481516.5
251985‑86Calgary FlamesNHL683136673622100117.8
261986‑87Calgary FlamesNHL6818264426-1370114.0
271987‑88Calgary FlamesNHL805056106474198425.3
281988‑89Calgary FlamesNHL79275885442850412.1
291989‑90Färjestads BKElitserien4022315324
301990‑91Färjestads BKElitserien4033255816
311991‑92Färjestads BKElitserien4037296614
321992‑93Färjestads BKElitserien4025265128
331993‑94Färjestads BKElitserien229112012
341994‑95Färjestads BKElitserien3913253858
351995‑96Färjestads BKElitserien4017324962
NHL Totals4501932364291891034291717.1
Elitserien Totals405262238500304
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Playoff Stats

201980‑81Färjestads BKElitserien75386
211981‑82Färjestads BKElitserien21010
221982‑83Färjestads BKElitserien8104146
231983‑84Calgary FlamesNHL112352-110213.3
241984‑85Calgary FlamesNHL43360201027.3
251985‑86Calgary FlamesNHL22410146-41207.1
261986‑87Calgary FlamesNHL51230001016.7
271987‑88Calgary FlamesNHL98194022029.6
281988‑89Calgary FlamesNHL2289174822113.3
291989‑90Färjestads BKElitserien1095142
301990‑91Färjestads BKElitserien864108
311991‑92Färjestads BKElitserien62242
321992‑93Färjestads BKElitserien34150
341994‑95Färjestads BKElitserien42022
351995‑96Färjestads BKElitserien84482
NHL Totals7326285416568314.9
Elitserien Totals5643236628

National Team Stats - Major Tournaments

18Team Sweden - IIHF U20 World Championship 1979602200.0
19Team Sweden - IIHF U20 World Championship 198057292
21Team Sweden - IIHF World Championship 198283146
24Team Sweden - Canada Cup 19848641021201
26Team Sweden - IIHF World Championship 1987854947
29Team Sweden - IIHF World Championship 19901047111010
30Team Sweden - IIHF World Championship 19911027961
31Team Sweden - Olympics ‑ Albertville 1992844809
33Team Sweden - Olympics ‑ Lillehammer 1994845922
WHC Totals361419332618
Olympics Totals168917211
WJC-U20 Totals1174112
Canada Cup Totals8641021201