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Ted Lindsay

Born on:

Birth place: Renfrew, Ontario, Canada


5 ' 8" | 163 lb

Championships & Medals

AgeTeamEventTournament Location / Series Result
Championship24Detroit Red WingsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1950Detroit Red Wings defeated New York Rangers 4‑3 in a best of seven series.
Championship26Detroit Red WingsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1952Detroit Red Wings defeated Montreal Canadiens 4‑0 in a best of seven series.
Championship28Detroit Red WingsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1954Detroit Red Wings defeated Montreal Canadiens 4‑3 in a best of seven series.
Championship29Detroit Red WingsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1955Detroit Red Wings defeated Montreal Canadiens 4‑3 in a best of seven series.
NHL Stanley Cup ChampionshipsChampionshipChampionshipChampionshipChampionship

Regular Season

191944‑45Detroit Red WingsNHL451762343
201945‑46Detroit Red WingsNHL477101714
211946‑47Detroit Red WingsNHL5927154257
221947‑48Detroit Red WingsNHL6033195295
231948‑49Detroit Red WingsNHL5026285497
241949‑50Detroit Red WingsNHL69235578141
251950‑51Detroit Red WingsNHL67243559110
261951‑52Detroit Red WingsNHL70303969123
271952‑53Detroit Red WingsNHL70323971111
281953‑54Detroit Red WingsNHL70263662110
291954‑55Detroit Red WingsNHL4919193885
301955‑56Detroit Red WingsNHL67272350161
311956‑57Detroit Red WingsNHL70305585103
321957‑58Chicago Black HawksNHL68152439110
331958‑59Chicago Black HawksNHL70223658184
341959‑60Chicago Black HawksNHL687192691
391964‑65Detroit Red WingsNHL69141428173
NHL Totals10683794728511808
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Playoff Stats

191944‑45Detroit Red WingsNHL142026
201945‑46Detroit Red WingsNHL50110
211946‑47Detroit Red WingsNHL522410
221947‑48Detroit Red WingsNHL103146
231948‑49Detroit Red WingsNHL1126831
241949‑50Detroit Red WingsNHL1344816
251950‑51Detroit Red WingsNHL60118
261951‑52Detroit Red WingsNHL85278
271952‑53Detroit Red WingsNHL64486
281953‑54Detroit Red WingsNHL1244814
291954‑55Detroit Red WingsNHL117121912
301955‑56Detroit Red WingsNHL1063922
311956‑57Detroit Red WingsNHL52468
331958‑59Chicago Black HawksNHL624613
341959‑60Chicago Black HawksNHL41120
391964‑65Detroit Red WingsNHL730334
NHL Totals133474996194

All-Star Game Appearences

221947NHL All-StarsNHL100000
231948NHL All-StarsNHL110100
241949NHL All-StarsNHL100000
251950Detroit Red WingsNHL13140111
261951First All-Star TeamNHL10114000
271952First All-Star TeamNHL10000000
281953NHL All-StarsNHL10002000
291954Detroit Red WingsNHL10112000
301955Detroit Red WingsNHL10220000
311956NHL All-StarsNHL11010000
321957NHL All-StarsNHL10000000
NHL All-Star Game Totals1155108111