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Jamie Langenbrunner

Born on: July 24, 1975

Birth place: Cloquet, Minnesota, United States

Forward, shoots right

6 ' 1" | 205 lb

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Championships & Medals

AgeTeamEventTournament Location / Series Result
Championship23Dallas StarsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1999Dallas Stars defeated Buffalo Sabres 4‑2 in a best of seven series.
Championship27New Jersey DevilsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 2003New Jersey Devils defeated Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 4‑3 in a best of seven series.
Silver34Team USAOlympics - Vancouver 2010Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Olympic MedalsSilver
NHL Stanley Cup ChampionshipsChampionshipChampionship

Regular Season

191994‑95Dallas StarsNHL2000200000.0
201995‑96Dallas StarsNHL122246-210013.3
211996‑97Dallas StarsNHL7613263951-230311.6
221997‑98Dallas StarsNHL8123295261980614.5
231998‑99Dallas StarsNHL7512334562104018.3
241999‑00Dallas StarsNHL65182139681642611.8
252000‑01Dallas StarsNHL5312183057432411.5
262001‑02Dallas StarsNHL6810162654-110127.6
262001‑02New Jersey DevilsNHL143362320029.7
272002‑03New Jersey DevilsNHL78223355651751511.2
282003‑04New Jersey DevilsNHL531016264391227.7
302005‑06New Jersey DevilsNHL8019345374-18117.8
312006‑07New Jersey DevilsNHL8223376064-912079.5
322007‑08New Jersey DevilsNHL6413284130-15128.6
332008‑09New Jersey DevilsNHL81294069562563712.7
342009‑10New Jersey DevilsNHL811942614466248.3
352010‑11New Jersey DevilsNHL314101416-150025.3
352010‑11Dallas StarsNHL395131829-31016.5
362011‑12St. Louis BluesNHL70618243270034.7
372012‑13St. Louis BluesNHL4011010000.0
NHL Totals1109243420663837626715589.5
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Playoff Stats

211996‑97Dallas StarsNHL51121410016.7
221997‑98Dallas StarsNHL1614514-50012.9
231998‑99Dallas StarsNHL231071716740321.7
241999‑00Dallas StarsNHL1517818-11003.7
252000‑01Dallas StarsNHL10224620019.1
262001‑02New Jersey DevilsNHL50118-20000.0
272002‑03New Jersey DevilsNHL2411718161110420.8
282003‑04New Jersey DevilsNHL5022200000.0
302005‑06New Jersey DevilsNHL93101316510117.6
312006‑07New Jersey DevilsNHL11268731015.3
322007‑08New Jersey DevilsNHL50444-50000.0
332008‑09New Jersey DevilsNHL42132000012.5
342009‑10New Jersey DevilsNHL50114-10000.0
362011‑12St. Louis BluesNHL910111-100012.5
NHL Totals14634538713814801210.3

National Team Stats - Major Tournaments

18Team USA - IIHF U20 World Championship 1994720213-4
19Team USA - IIHF U20 World Championship 199571126
22Team USA - Olympics ‑ Nagano 199830004-20000.0
29Team USA - World Cup 200430004-10000.0
34Team USA - Olympics ‑ Vancouver 20106134021018.3
WJC-U20 Totals1431419-4
Olympics Totals913440101
World Cup Totals30004-10000.0