Leonard 'Red' Kelly

Born on:

Birth place: Simcoe, Ontario, Canada


5 ' 11" | 181 lb

Championships & Medals

AgeTeamEventTournament Location / Series Result
Championship22Detroit Red WingsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1950Detroit Red Wings defeated New York Rangers 4‑3 in a best of seven series.
Championship24Detroit Red WingsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1952Detroit Red Wings defeated Montreal Canadiens 4‑0 in a best of seven series.
Championship26Detroit Red WingsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1954Detroit Red Wings defeated Montreal Canadiens 4‑3 in a best of seven series.
Championship27Detroit Red WingsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1955Detroit Red Wings defeated Montreal Canadiens 4‑3 in a best of seven series.
Championship34Toronto Maple LeafsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1962Toronto Maple Leafs defeated Chicago Black Hawks 4‑2 in a best of seven series.
Championship35Toronto Maple LeafsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1963Toronto Maple Leafs defeated Detroit Red Wings 4‑1 in a best of seven series.
Championship36Toronto Maple LeafsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1964Toronto Maple Leafs defeated Detroit Red Wings 4‑3 in a best of seven series.
Championship39Toronto Maple LeafsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1967Toronto Maple Leafs defeated Montreal Canadiens 4‑2 in a best of seven series.
NHL Stanley Cup ChampionshipsChampionshipChampionshipChampionshipChampionshipChampionshipChampionshipChampionshipChampionship

Regular Season

201947‑48Detroit Red WingsNHL606142013
211948‑49Detroit Red WingsNHL595111610
221949‑50Detroit Red WingsNHL701525409
231950‑51Detroit Red WingsNHL7017375424
241951‑52Detroit Red WingsNHL6716314716
251952‑53Detroit Red WingsNHL701927468
261953‑54Detroit Red WingsNHL6216334918
271954‑55Detroit Red WingsNHL7015304528
281955‑56Detroit Red WingsNHL7016345039
291956‑57Detroit Red WingsNHL7010253518
301957‑58Detroit Red WingsNHL6113183126
311958‑59Detroit Red WingsNHL678132134
321959‑60Detroit Red WingsNHL506121810
321959‑60Toronto Maple LeafsNHL1865118
331960‑61Toronto Maple LeafsNHL6420507012
341961‑62Toronto Maple LeafsNHL582227496
351962‑63Toronto Maple LeafsNHL662040608
361963‑64Toronto Maple LeafsNHL7011344516
371964‑65Toronto Maple LeafsNHL701828468
381965‑66Toronto Maple LeafsNHL638243212
391966‑67Toronto Maple LeafsNHL611424384
NHL Totals1316281542823327
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Playoff Stats

201947‑48Detroit Red WingsNHL103252
211948‑49Detroit Red WingsNHL1111210
221949‑50Detroit Red WingsNHL141342
231950‑51Detroit Red WingsNHL60110
241951‑52Detroit Red WingsNHL51010
251952‑53Detroit Red WingsNHL60440
261953‑54Detroit Red WingsNHL125160
271954‑55Detroit Red WingsNHL1124617
281955‑56Detroit Red WingsNHL102462
291956‑57Detroit Red WingsNHL51010
301957‑58Detroit Red WingsNHL40112
321959‑60Toronto Maple LeafsNHL1038112
331960‑61Toronto Maple LeafsNHL21010
341961‑62Toronto Maple LeafsNHL1246100
351962‑63Toronto Maple LeafsNHL102686
361963‑64Toronto Maple LeafsNHL1449134
371964‑65Toronto Maple LeafsNHL63252
381965‑66Toronto Maple LeafsNHL40220
391966‑67Toronto Maple LeafsNHL120552
NHL Totals16433599251

All-Star Game Appearences

231950Detroit Red WingsNHL10220000
241951First All-Star TeamNHL10000000
251952First All-Star TeamNHL10000000
261953NHL All-StarsNHL10225000
271954Detroit Red WingsNHL10110000
281955Detroit Red WingsNHL10000000
291956NHL All-StarsNHL10000000
301957NHL All-StarsNHL11010000
311958NHL All-StarsNHL10000000
331960NHL All-StarsNHL10110000
351962Toronto Maple LeafsNHL10002000
361963Toronto Maple LeafsNHL10110000
NHL All-Star Game Totals121787000