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Niko Kapanen

Born on: April 29, 1978

Birth place: Hattula, Finland

Forward, shoots left

5 ' 10" | 176 lb

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Regular Season

171995‑96HPK HämeenlinnaSM-Liiga710100001
181996‑97HPK HämeenlinnaSM-Liiga416915128000
191997‑98HPK HämeenlinnaSM-Liiga4881826449210
201998‑99HPK HämeenlinnaSM-Liiga531429434913203
211999‑00HPK HämeenlinnaSM-Liiga53202848401861513.8
222000‑01TPS TurkuSM-Liiga561121322061117.5
232001‑02Dallas StarsNHL90112-10000.0
232001‑02Utah GrizzliesAHL5913284140-32329.9
242002‑03Dallas StarsNHL825293444250116.3
252003‑04Dallas StarsNHL6715616-150001.8
272005‑06Dallas StarsNHL8114213536-1052414.4
282006‑07Atlanta ThrashersNHL60491320-121007.8
282006‑07Phoenix CoyotesNHL192798-111017.1
292007‑08Phoenix CoyotesNHL7910182834-150511.8
302008‑09Ak Bars KazanKHL5312193122950523.5
312009‑10Ak Bars KazanKHL5412152744-770212.8
322010‑11Ak Bars KazanKHL537293624252009.6
332011‑12Ak Bars KazanKHL54122739242251216.7
342012‑13Ak Bars KazanKHL50101929261420112.7
352013‑14Lev PrahaKHL22841214640234.8
362014‑15Jokerit HelsinkiKHL2961016431030214.0
NHL Totals3973690126160-25123119.0
KHL Totals31567123190197792811415.4
SM-Liiga Totals258601051651655411310
AHL Totals5913284140-32329.9
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Playoff Stats

181996‑97HPK HämeenlinnaSM-Liiga1045924001
201998‑99HPK HämeenlinnaSM-Liiga834740100
211999‑00HPK HämeenlinnaSM-Liiga819104-11003.2
222000‑01TPS TurkuSM-Liiga10213450007.7
232001‑02Utah GrizzliesAHL52130-200116.7
242002‑03Dallas StarsNHL1243712401020.0
252003‑04Dallas StarsNHL11010000050.0
272005‑06Dallas StarsNHL501110-20000.0
302008‑09Ak Bars KazanKHL2119101660004.8
312009‑10Ak Bars KazanKHL2289176340219.0
322010‑11Ak Bars KazanKHL923512500111.1
332011‑12Ak Bars KazanKHL122462-510211.1
342012‑13Ak Bars KazanKHL184482120113.3
352013‑14Lev PrahaKHL21291129200010.0
KHL Totals103193857671270612.8
SM-Liiga Totals36101929148201
NHL Totals1854922201018.5
AHL Totals52130-200116.7

National Team Stats - Major Tournaments

18Team Finland - IIHF U20 World Championship 199764480
19Team Finland - IIHF U20 World Championship 1998725723
22Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 200094374901130.8
22Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 200193148300017.6
23Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 200290441020000.0
25Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 2004732514300030.0
26Team Finland - World Cup 20046123001009.1
27Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 20057145810017.1
27Team Finland - Olympics ‑ Turin 200682132110118.2
28Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 20079077620000.0
30Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 200892570300116.7
30Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 2009773102160035.0
31Team Finland - Olympics ‑ Vancouver 20106022000000.0
33Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 201192132310022.2
34Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 2012101122100012.5
WHC Totals85233154562871316.9
Olympics Totals142352110114.3
WJC-U20 Totals13691523
World Cup Totals6123001009.1

National and Regional Team Stats - Miscalleneous Tournaments

26Team Finland - EHT ‑ Rosno Cup 20043011420000.0
26Team Finland - EHT ‑ Euro Hockey Tour Finals 20051000000000.0
28Team Finland - EHT ‑ Euro Hockey Tour Finals 20071000000000.0
30Team Finland - EHT ‑ LG Hockey Games 200933142-220175.0
31Team Finland - EHT ‑ Karjala Tournament 20093011020000.0
32Team Finland - EHT ‑ Karjala Tournament 20103000210000.0
32Team Finland - EHT ‑ Czech Hockey Games 201130110-10000.0
33Team Finland - EHT ‑ Kajotbet Hockey Games 20123000410000.0
EHT Totals2034712320113.0