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William 'Flash' Hollett

Born on:

Birth place: North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada


6 ' 0" | 181 lb

Championships & Medals

AgeTeamEventTournament Location / Series Result
Championship27Boston BruinsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1939Boston Bruins defeated Toronto Maple Leafs 4‑1 in a best of seven series.
Championship28Boston BruinsNHL Stanley Cup Champion 1941Boston Bruins defeated Detroit Red Wings 4‑0 in a best of seven series.
NHL Stanley Cup ChampionshipsChampionshipChampionship

Regular Season

211933‑34Ottawa SenatorsNHL30741121
211933‑34Toronto Maple LeafsNHL40004
221934‑35Toronto Maple LeafsNHL4810162638
231935‑36Toronto Maple LeafsNHL111458
231935‑36Boston BruinsNHL61232
241936‑37Boston BruinsNHL48371022
251937‑38Boston BruinsNHL484101454
261938‑39Boston BruinsNHL4410172735
271939‑40Boston BruinsNHL4410182818
281940‑41Boston BruinsNHL419152423
291941‑42Boston BruinsNHL4819143321
301942‑43Boston BruinsNHL5019254419
311943‑44Boston BruinsNHL2597164
311943‑44Detroit Red WingsNHL276121834
321944‑45Detroit Red WingsNHL5020214139
331945‑46Detroit Red WingsNHL38491316
NHL Totals562132181313358
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Playoff Stats

221934‑35Toronto Maple LeafsNHL70006
241936‑37Boston BruinsNHL30002
251937‑38Boston BruinsNHL30110
261938‑39Boston BruinsNHL121342
271939‑40Boston BruinsNHL51232
281940‑41Boston BruinsNHL113478
291941‑42Boston BruinsNHL50112
301942‑43Boston BruinsNHL90994
311943‑44Detroit Red WingsNHL50006
321944‑45Detroit Red WingsNHL143476
331945‑46Detroit Red WingsNHL50220
NHL Totals798263438