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Raimo Helminen

Born on:

Birth place: Tampere, Finland

Forward, shoots left

6 ' 0" | 185 lb

Drafted by: New York Rangers, 2. round (#35 overall), in 1984 NHL Entry Draft

Championships & Medals

AgeTeamEventTournament Location / Series Result
Bronze19Ilves TampereSM-Liiga 1983Ilves Tampere defeated Tappara Tampere 2-0 in a best of three bronze medal series.
Silver19Team FinlandIIHF U20 World Championship 1984Norrköping and Nyköping, Sweden
Gold21Ilves TampereSM-Liiga 1985Ilves Tampere defeated TPS Turku 3-2 in a best of five gold medal series.
Silver23Team FinlandOlympics - Calgary 1988Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Gold28Malmö IFElitserien 1992Malmö IF defeated Djurgårdens IF 3-2 in a best of five gold medal series.
Bronze29Team FinlandOlympics - Lillehammer 1994Lillehammer, Norway
Gold30Malmö IFElitserien 1994Malmö IF defeated MODO Hockey 3-2 in a best of five gold medal series.
Silver30Team FinlandIIHF World Championship 1994Bolzano, Canazei and Milan, Italy
Gold31Team FinlandIIHF World Championship 1995Stockholm and Gävle, Sweden
Bronze33Team FinlandOlympics - Nagano 1998Nagano, Japan
Silver34Ilves TampereSM-Liiga 1998HIFK Helsinki defeated Ilves Tampere 3-0 in a best of five gold medal series.
Silver34Team FinlandIIHF World Championship 1998Basel, Klagenfurt and Zürich, Switzerland
Silver35Team FinlandIIHF World Championship 1999Oslo, Hamar and Lillehammer, Norway
Bronze36Team FinlandIIHF World Championship 2000Saint Petersburg, Russia
Bronze37Ilves TampereSM-Liiga 2001Ilves Tampere defeated Kärpät Oulu 2-0 in the bronze medal game.
Silver37Team FinlandIIHF World Championship 2001Nuremberg, Cologne and Hanover, Germany
IIHF U20 World Championship MedalsSilver
IIHF World Championship MedalsGoldSilverSilverSilverSilverBronze
Olympic MedalsSilverBronzeBronze
Swedish ChampionshipsGoldGold
Finnish Championship MedalsGoldSilverBronzeBronze

Regular Season

181982‑83Ilves TampereSM-Liiga312350-700
191983‑84Ilves TampereSM-Liiga3717133014-751
201984‑85Ilves TampereSM-Liiga362136572022503
211985‑86New York RangersNHL6610304010-14028.0
221986‑87New York RangersNHL212462-81008.3
221986‑87Minnesota North StarsNHL60110-30000.0
231987‑88Ilves TampereSM-Liiga31202343422604
241988‑89New York IslandersNHL24111124-151004.5
261990‑91Malmö IFElitserien3312183014
271991‑92Malmö IFElitserien409182724
281992‑93Malmö IFElitserien409334259
291993‑94Malmö IFElitserien3820345426
301994‑95Malmö IFElitserien3510192955
311995‑96Malmö IFElitserien408192753
321996‑97Ilves TampereSM-Liiga491139505413303
331997‑98Ilves TampereSM-Liiga46123648424303
341998‑99Ilves TampereSM-Liiga531238504414601
351999‑00Ilves TampereSM-Liiga517384568-113007.4
362000‑01Ilves TampereSM-Liiga569374628124126.6
372001‑02Ilves TampereSM-Liiga56734411271416.4
382002‑03Ilves TampereSM-Liiga5310213177-155008.8
392003‑04Ilves TampereSM-Liiga569344346105008.7
402004‑05Ilves TampereSM-Liiga537212845-710010.0
412005‑06Ilves TampereSM-Liiga467182534-43108.6
422006‑07Ilves TampereSM-Liiga43512174712028.9
432007‑08Ilves TampereSM-Liiga535162153-621211.4
Liiga Totals7511614205816263054722
SHL Totals22668141209231
NHL Totals11713465916-276027.3
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Playoff Stats

181982‑83Ilves TampereSM-Liiga6000000
191983‑84Ilves TampereSM-Liiga2000200
201984‑85Ilves TampereSM-Liiga9246101000
211985‑86New York RangersNHL20000-20000.0
231987‑88Ilves TampereSM-Liiga411210-4100
261990‑91Malmö IFElitserien20114
271991‑92Malmö IFElitserien101344
281992‑93Malmö IFElitserien61018
291993‑94Malmö IFElitserien111788
301994‑95Malmö IFElitserien73364
311995‑96Malmö IFElitserien513412
321996‑97Ilves TampereSM-Liiga81562-1000
331997‑98Ilves TampereSM-Liiga9358105201
341998‑99Ilves TampereSM-Liiga403320000
351999‑00Ilves TampereSM-Liiga310112-300012.5
362000‑01Ilves TampereSM-Liiga9167210014.2
372001‑02Ilves TampereSM-Liiga30000-40000.0
392003‑04Ilves TampereSM-Liiga71342000110.0
402004‑05Ilves TampereSM-Liiga70112-50000.0
412005‑06Ilves TampereSM-Liiga41120-110020.0
422006‑07Ilves TampereSM-Liiga700012-50000.0
432007‑08Ilves TampereSM-Liiga93252-130120.0
Liiga Totals9114314568-17704
SHL Totals417172440
NHL Totals20000-20000.0

National Team Stats - Major Tournaments

18Team Finland - IIHF U20 World Championship 198370550
19Team Finland - IIHF U20 World Championship 198471113244
19Team Finland - Olympics ‑ Sarajevo 1984602221
21Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 19851045926
23Team Finland - Canada Cup 198750330-60000.0
23Team Finland - Olympics ‑ Calgary 1988728104513.3
26Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 199040000-2
27Team Finland - Olympics ‑ Albertville 199281230-2
29Team Finland - Olympics ‑ Lillehammer 1994815684
30Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 19948156010
31Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 19958178211
32Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 1996604400
32Team Finland - World Cup 19963011000000.0
33Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 199780660-1
33Team Finland - Olympics ‑ Nagano 199862022-2100
34Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 199810291100
35Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 1999101342-2001
36Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 200092240-310015.4
37Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 200191560510010.0
37Team Finland - Olympics ‑ Salt Lake City 20024011020000.0
38Team Finland - IIHF World Championship 200290222-10000.0
IIHF World Championship Totals91124860823201
Olympics Totals3961824168100
IIHF U20 World Championship Totals141118294
World Cup Totals80440-60000.0

National and Regional Team Stats - Miscalleneous Tournaments

43Team Finland - EHT ‑ LG Hockey Games 20081011010000.0
EHT Totals1011010000.0

All-Star Game Appearences

321997Western All-StarsSM-Liiga12020000
331997Finland All-StarsSM-Liiga10110000
341999SM-Liiga All-StarsSM-Liiga10110000
SM-Liiga All-Star Game Totals32240000