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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the red navigation items or the red "links" in Stats -pages?

A red navigation item means that the potential page would not contain any data. It is perhaps easiest to explain this with an example.

The picture below shows career statistics for Danish NHL players. Left-hand menu has a list of NHL seasons, where only a handfull of seasons are actual links (black & underlined) that lead to a new page. Most of the seasons are coloured red, because during those seasons there were no Danish NHL players. Similarly, the Goalies -link is red because no Danish goalie has ever played in the NHL.

Screenshot that explains the concept of red navigation items.

How is player nationality determined?

Player nationality is determined based on the last country that the player represented in international competition. If a player has never played for a national team, I've usually chosen to keep the country of birth as the player nationality, unless there is strong evidence indicating otherwise.

What is the definition of an "Active" player?

A player is considered active if he has played at least one game in the league during the on-going season. An inactive player could still be continuing his hockey career in another league.