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Following people have helped me with NHL Stats

Uldis Ozols - For showing how I had confused Sverdlovsk, a town in Ukraine, with Yekaterinburg in Russia. Yekaterinburg was formerly known as Sverdlovsk but changed its name in 1991. Uldis also catched an error, where I had mistakenly placed Odessa, a city in Ukraine, in the suburbs of Moscow.

Vladimír Daniš - For pointing out that Stan Mikita was born in Sokolče instead of Sokolce. Sokolče is a ghost town that was artificially flooded and no longer exists. Vladimír's attention to detail has also helped me correct mistakes on player nationalities, identify problems with the way I've presented data, and correct mistakes that had gone unnoticed for almost two years. I am deeply grateful for his involvement.

Milan Masek - Helped me correct the nationalities of Jean-Marc Gaulin, Hnat Domenichelli and Michael Heidt. Milan has a website devoted Czech hockey.

Corey Paquin - For noticing a mistake I had made regarding Emile Bouchard's birth date. He was born on September 11, 1920 instead of September 4, 1919.

Yuri Fraser - For his expertise and insight on the players coming from the former U.S.S.R. and Czechoslovakia

Aleksi Rantanen - For his knowledge on Canadian-Italian players who have represented Italy in international tournaments as well as correcting a handful of errors regarding Finnish, Swedish and Swiss players.

Lauri Krapu - For researching and listing Canadian born players who have represented Germany and Austria in international tournaments.

Jussi Siiriäinen - Jussi was quick to notify me when Joel Prpic represented Croatia in Division II World Championships in Iceland 2012. Jussi frequently travels to lower division World Champioships as a spectator.

Following people have helped me with KHL Stats

Uldis Ozols - Uldis reacted in less than 24 hours after I first published KHL stats. He had identified several mistakes with player nationalities as well as spelling mistakes in player names.