Breakdown of U.S. Born NHL Players by Birth State

The charts below break down American NHL players by state between 1970‑71 and 2016‑17 seasons. The chart data for each season can be viewed in the NHL Totals by Player Birth State stats page.

American-born NHL players have a much shorter history than their Canadian counterparts. The number of U.S.-born NHL players only began to rise steadily in the 1970s, prior to which the number of Americans per season seldom exceeded ten. Nevertheless, United States has been represented by at least one player in each of the NHL seasons.

Players GP G A PTS PIM

Minnesota has produced the most U.S.-born NHL players with Michigan and New York state trailing close behind. Massachusetts was briefly ranked first in the early 1990s, but its share has since then dropped to under 10 percent.

In recent years, the share of players born in untraditional hockey states has gradually increased. This development has taken place hand-in-hand with the increase in the overall number of American NHL players. In the last 10 years the share of Americans in the NHL has grown by almost 10 percent.