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NHL Average Shots per Game from 1967‑68 to 2014‑15

Average number of shots taken in an NHL game by a team has been remarkably stable throughout the years. The charts below show a time series on the number of shots per game for all skaters as well as forwards and defense separately. Regular season data is available since the 1967‑68 season and playoff data since 1983‑84 season.

All Skaters Forwards Defensemen

Percentage of Shots Taken by Forwards and Defensemen

The next chart shows the percentage of shots taken by forwards and defensemen. The ratio has been fairly stable over the years with forwards taking roughly 70‑75 percent of shots in an NHL game.

Regular Season Playoffs

How was this calculated?

Shots per game is calculated by first dividing the total number of shots taken during the season by the total number of games played during that same season. In the last step, this ratio is divided by 2 to show the shots taken by a single team.