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NHL Average Shot Percentage from 1967‑68 to 2016‑17

Charts below show a time series on the average NHL shot percentage between 1967‑68 and 2016‑17. Click on the buttons above the charts to switch between all skaters, forwards and defensemen. The chart data for the current season is updated daily.

The success rate for a shot on goal increased steadily from the early 1970s to 1981‑82, the season which holds the record for the highest average shooting percentage in NHL history. Success ratio then levelled out during the next 4 seasons, after which it began a long decline that was momentarily reversed by the rule changes after the lock-out season.

All Skaters Forwards Defensemen

The shot percentage of NHL forwards has been consistently higher during the regular season than in the playoffs. Surprisingly, the same logic does not apply to NHL defensemen who seem to enjoy the same success rate in both regular and postseason scoring.

NHL Team Average Shot Percentage in 2016‑17 Season

The next set of charts looks at the average shooting percentage for every NHL team during the 2016‑17 season. This data only considers those players who are part of the current roster. The players that have been traded to other teams are not included in the shot percentage of the old team.

The team with the best shot percentage can be found on the left while the team with the lowest success ratio is on the right.

All Skaters Forwards Defensemen

Regular Season Playoffs

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How was this calculated?

Shot percentage is calculated by dividing the total number of goals scored during the season by the total number of shots taken during that same season.