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NHL Average Save Percentage from 1982‑83 to 2016‑17

NHL save percentage has been on a steady upward trend ever since its measurement began in 1982‑83 season. During the high-scoring 1980s, average saves percentage moved between 87.5% and 88.5%, while in the 1990s the number gradually increased and exceeded 90%.

During the lock-out season 2004‑05, league officials took measures to increase scoring in NHL. As a result, the average save percentage decreased momentarily in the post-lock-out 2005‑06 season, only to gain its upward momentum again in 2006‑07. The chart below shows a time series on the save percentage of NHL goalies between 1982‑83 and 2016‑17 seasons.

NHL goaltender save percentage has been consistently higher during the playoffs than in the regular season, reflecting the low scoring nature of playoff hockey.

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How was this calculated?

Save percentage is calculated by dividing the total number of saves during the season by the sum of total number of saves and the goals against during that same season.