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NHL Players by Birth Province from 1917‑18 to 2016‑17

Charts below break down Canadian NHL players by province between 1917‑18 and 2016‑17 seasons. Chart data for each season can be viewed in the NHL Totals by Player Birth Province stats page. Move your mouse over the chart to view the percentages.

Players GP G A PTS PIM

Ontario has produced the most Canadian NHL players in every season throughout NHL history. In early years, Ontarians accounted for up to 75% of Canadian born players, but in past decades their share has hovered around the 40 percent mark.

Alberta is the second biggest producer of Canadian NHL players, while Quebec, Saskatchewan and British Columbia all contribute approximately 10 percent. Interestingly, the percentage of British Columbians only began to rise in the 1970s, decades after Quebec and Saskatchewan.

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