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Average Number of Assists by NHL Players

An average NHL forwards gets a little over 80 assists during his career, while the average defenseman has to settle for approximately 65 assists. Almost 20 percent of NHL players finish their careers without a single assist.

Data set includes all forwards and defensemen who last played in the league before the 2009‑10 season. Use the buttons above the chart to switch between different views.

All Players Forwards Defensemen

Regular Season Playoffs

GP Interval: 1 (slow) 5 10 20 50 100

Career assists data is summarized in the table below using basic statistical measures. Wayne Gretzky and Raymond Bourque hold both regular season and playoff records for forwards and defensemen respectively.

Average number of career playoff assists is almost identical for forwards and defensemen. The difference between the two is only one assist.

All Players Forwards Defensemen

Statistic Regular Season Playoffs
Number of Players 5 649 5 649
Minimum Assists 0 0
Maximum Assists 1 963 (Wayne Gretzky) 260 (Wayne Gretzky)
Average Assists 69.03 5.09
Median Assists 10 0

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